A STORY OF OUR SCHOOL – short presentation

Our school was born in the year 1962 in one of the neighbouries in Bucharest. It was called and it still has this name School 103, but it is also known as The School among the Chestnuts. It is one of the many in the area, but it is the most beloved one because it is ours.

It is a large two-floor building surrounded by chestnut and lime trees. There are classrooms and laboratories for 510 pupils and students and 35 teachers. Together, we work to increase the value of our school and to become richer in mind and soul. There is also a large and modern gymnasium where the children attend the classes of Physical Education or come after school to do basketball, football, table tennis, dance or karate. The students in our school have the possibility to attend English, French, Religious Education, Music and Informatics in special cabinets where they are in a friendly environment corresponding to each subject.

Our school is the host of a Center of Excellence in English. On Saturdays the best students in English, not only in our school, but in our district are invited by a team of teachers of English to attend English classes planned in reading, listening, speaking, writing and use of English modules.

Following the same creed of becoming better and better at school and outside the school, we have organized a pottery club for a number of years now. Every week children come and learn about working in clay, being also exposed to culture, tradition, skills and beauty. These meetings end up with venues where children exhibit and sell their work.

The teachers in our school are familiar with different teaching methods, starting from the traditional to the modern ones assisted by computers, video projectors or even smart boards. Children are eager to find the information not only by reading books in the library, but surfing the net, which allow them a larger field of knowledge.

Written evaluations and assessments are doubled by power point presentations, you tube and blogs. However, both teachers and students in our school are still fond of portfolios and projects, two methods of acquisition, verifying and enriching knowledge close to our hearts.

Our school offers equal chances to every child, the opportunity to feel free and able to do anything. We promote permanent social values. Understanding, tolerance, hard work, diligence, friendship, honesty, as well as, respect, responsibility, care and compassion are always present in our attempt to assure long-life education.